Commission FAQs

Commission FAQs

  • Are you currently accepting commissions?

    Yes. I accept a limited number of commissions annually. If you have a desired delivery date, please submit an inquiry using the form below, usual completion time is approximately 2 months from initial deposit payment received. 


  • What are your price ranges for commissions?

    Commissions vary in price based on the medium (Watercolour, Acrylic or Oil Paint) and size. I am happy to draft an estimate for you. Please submit an inquiry and I will follow up with a quote estimate, overview of the process and expected completion date. 


  • How do commissions work?

    Most commissions begin with a simple description of your commission vision via email communication The following
    details help expedite our reply:

    - (1) The name and/or link to the past Joni Murphy original artworks most akin to your desired artwork
    - (2) Your desired artwork size (roughly), orientation, and medium (Watercolour, Acrylic or Oil paint)
    - (3) Your target receive-by date. I will then reply with an overview of the process and next available dates.

    Once we arrive at a general direction, size, and budget, all commissions require an initial 25% deposit upon approval (non-refundable).


  • What can I expect when I order a commission?

    The timeline for a typical commission is as follows:

    - Basic details confirmed & next available start date established.

    - Deposit paid.

    - Spot in commission queue secured.

    - following deposit payment, you receive pencil sketches or a series of still life photos via email for you to choose from for your final piece. I will confirm your estimated finish and delivery date at this time. There will also be the option at this time to arrange custom framing for your new artwork.

    - Once these details are finalised, I begin preparing for your piece.

    - At your painting start date, I get to work on your piece.

    - I’ll send progress updates and requests for feedback along the way.

    - A final photo will be sent prior to shipping.


  • What kind of information do you need from me to make my commissioned artwork?

    You are part of the process! I encourage you to gather and send materials for reference in the creation of your commission such as inspiration images, favourite past works, design boards, interior colour schemes, personalised touches, etc. Photos of the room where the artwork will hang + detailed wall/furniture dimensions are also useful.

    Things that are not useful - other peoples artworks & photos. 


  • When can I expect delivery of my commissioned artwork?

    Painting times will vary based on the medium & size of the artwork but estimate at least 4-6 weeks. When I send sketches/photos of the proposed subject, I will also include your estimated painting delivery date.

    Please note that I accept limited commissions annually and recommend securing a spot if you have a desired delivery date, i.e gifts, birthdays, anniversary's.


  • Can I commission an artwork similar to a past work?

    Yes, this is a common commission request and something I'm happy to discuss. It is often the best way. See my Portfolio page for examples of my work. 


  • How do I pay the deposit & the commission balance?

    I will send an electronic invoice payable online via bank transfer or credit card via PayPal. 


  • Can we discuss via the phone?

Ofcourse. My phone number will be in your reply email after you have submitted the inquiry form.
  • Do I get to offer feedback during the process? 

I would hope that by the time I have started your painting both of us will have a clear idea around expectations and hopes for the artwork. I will send updates via email or social media messaging, for feedback, but I retain artistic licence to create a work that I know will look and feel best. Once the work is completed, there will be no second iterations.  


  • What if I change my mind?

That is ok, I understand, this could be for many reasons. 
Do keep in mind, the deposit is non-refundable. If your change of heart is due to financial strain, please talk to me about payment options.